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June 11, 2015

Mommy Michelle’s Sissy DressUp Time!

nu Mommy sees how you look longingly into my closet at all my pretty things. And you always sit in Mommy’s room when I get ready for an evening out. Patiently watching me as I apply my makeup and slip into my silky panties and stockings. I know how much you long to be Mommy’s pretty little AB girl. And even though I don’t think you are quite ready for makeup and panties, that doesn’t mean you can’t be Mommy’s beautiful girl. I have something very special to show you. Something that will transform you into the sissy you have longed to be. So take Mommy’s hand sweetling and allow me to escort you into a whole new world. With Mommy by your side, guiding you, we will make you the prettiest princess in all of Sissyland. Come with Mommy, it’s time to begin…
August 5, 2009

don’t be scared

We have some nasty icky storms here. I’m not very afraid of them, but I don’t like them either. Nasty weather means I have to stay in and I might not have ‘lectricity. What fun is it to be inside like that? If other ab’s are scareds of storms I hope you have a flashlight and something soft to cuddle with. Better to find those things before the stormy stuff starts. Katie
July 8, 2009

Spying on Mommy and Daddy

This is special agent Katie reporting in. * giggles * I saw something the other night babies, and I think you might want to know about it. Wearing diapers all night I don’t have to take bathroom breaks, but I snuck out and into the bathroom anyways. It’s across the hall from Mommy and Daddy’s room see. I sat down in the floor in the dark bathroom and was very brave while I spied on them. What do you think I saw them doing so late at night? Katie
May 13, 2009

ropes for jumping

Would you like to play jump rope with me? I am willing to share and it is so fun to jump rope when it is pretty outside. Ifn you are mean to me though I can use my jump rope to tie you to the slide or something. Or you could tie me to the swing, tying my legs wide open so when I swing everyone coulds see my diaper. Mommy says it is good to be creative with your toys so maybe ropes are good for more than jumping? Baby Katie Girl
May 7, 2009

may flowers

They say that April showers bring May flowers. Who wants to be Mommy’s little May sissy, all I flowers? Some of the prettiest sissy names are flower names too. Daisy, Rose, Alyssa, Blossom, Heather, Iris, it goes on and on. So let Mommy make you her little May flower sissy. We can go for a walk to the park and see the other Mommies. Mommy Scarlet
January 29, 2009

AB Discipline

Abies need discipline, I am sure that you agree. I don’t mean the adult infants, what trouble can they get into? I am talking about those sassy little adult toddlers and older adult babies who look for trouble. Sure Mommy will switch you, and spank you. I also might give you writing assignments. There is this nice little computer program called F.O.W. (Fond of Writing) that allows Mommy to make up a writing (typing) assignment for naughty ones. Sometimes we just need different methods of discipline don’t we? Mommy Scarlet