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June 26, 2008


Look at these matching hats for Mommy and baby Aren’t they just the cutest. *giggles* Can you imagine, mommy, me and our little sissy baby at the beach in these matching hats with matching bathing suits. I could take sissy into the water and build sandcastles. I would show mommy what a big girl I am and help mommy take care of her. My very own baby sister. *wink* ~ Little Janey come chat with me
June 1, 2008

Dress up play time

When I was a little girl, I had scads of dolls. Especially barbies. I had every barbie house, car, a ton of clothes… everything. I have always enjoyed dressing dolls and playing wth their hair. When I was a teenager and even now, heehee, when I baby sit for a little girl, I cannot resist playing dress up. This spills over into my love for sissies. I truly enjoy drssing up my sissies, cd’s and trannies. Not just clothes either, no, hair, makeup and accessories are just as important *wink*. I love making sissies into little dolls. I was telling one of the sissies in chat the other night that I am going to dress her up like Shirley Temple. Wouldn’t that just be so cute? With the ringlet curls and a sailor dress and hat. I collect lots of things for playtime dress up too. So I have something for every ocassion and scenario. Mommy Josie
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