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June 15, 2015

Sissy Training With Jenna

Today is the big day! You’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time haven’t you? You’re finally done with your sissy training and its about time you get to suck a real cock. Mommy has been very thorough with her strap on training and we’ve finally managed to get rid of that gag reflex of yours haven’t we? I’ve already dressed you up in your pretty pink dress with ruffled panties that barely cover that diapered bottom of yours. Now we wait for the boys to arrive. Oh you only thought one was coming over? You have more than one hole that needs to be filled so of course there’s going to be more than one boy coming! Or should I say cumming?;) Call me for the best sissy phone sex ever! Jenna 888*430*2010
May 1, 2009

Good Week

Boy I tell you what I love the spring weather we are having. I have had a chance to do some outside work and have really enjoyed every minute of it. There were outside windows to be cleaned grass to be mowed and a little bit of painting. I think spring weather brings out the best in us all. After being pretty much trapped inside for the winter Daddy is more than elated to be breathing in some good clean fresh air. Daddy Paul
November 28, 2008


When you are out shopping do you ever find yourself over in baby are checking out the baby clothes and getting ideas or maybe even jealous. Don’t be embarrassed about it they do have so great fashions. So take those ideas and be creative with your ideas and go from there. Daddy Paul
October 24, 2008

Good Morning

It’s a nice Friday morning. What does that mean? Well number one it means that the weekend is here. Daddy is off from work and can spend more time with all of the abies here. I am sitting here having a cup of coffee and dreaming of getting home this evening. Knowing that it is Friday puts a little more pep in my step, and the coffee does not hurt. How do you all start the day off? Daddy Paul
October 17, 2008

At Last

My favorite time of the year is finally here. Fall is just a wonderful time of the year the weather starts to cool off the trees change colors. Since I love the outdoors so much it makes all those activities much more pleasant like camping out, hiking, and fishing. And I do love to watch football. So I am now beginning to enjoy myself lets take the time and enjoy this nice time of year. Daddy Paul
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