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May 17, 2015

Peeking at Mommy

  Oh no! Mommy Candy caught her abdl sissy peeking in her room while she was having fun with her boyfriend! You are in big trouble now mister! What will she do to you?  Mommy will put you in some trashy lingerie and present you to her boyfriend to do with what he pleases.  Mommy will sit by and watch her sissy son suck cock for the first time.  What will mommy let her boyfriend do to you Candy 888*430*2010    
July 29, 2009

A “Discussion” with a Certain Abie

Sometimes a good ol’ fashioned paddling is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve found this to be true with one particular Abie (you know who you are). This past week we had a little “discussion” about all his bad behavior as of late, and a stern and lengthy paddling was the tool of choice to set him on the straight and narrow. Now let me tell you, this particular abie can be quite stubborn and mischievous – just when I thought he had learned his lesson, he let it slip that he, in fact, was NOT going to cease one of his naughty little habits, but continue to do so instead. Well, let me tell you, this led to a more stern “discussion” with my “handy helper”. But in the end, he saw the error of his ways, and promised to do much better in the future (we shall see). In either case, he had great difficulty sitting down for the next few days as a reminder of our little “discussion”. Mommy Gina
May 31, 2008

Hey Baby, Hey Baby, HEY

Hey everyone 🙂 . How do you like this weather so far this spring (yes it’s still spring can you believe it?)? Now I know you all have things to do this summer, but don’t you forget about me. I’ll be here, along with the rest of the girls. We would love to hear about your vacation and how you snuck away for some diaper time 🙂 . You all have a great time this summer and stop on by and say HEY once in awhile. Love ya all, Liz 1.888.430.2010
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