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October 10, 2008

Here comes the spooks

I love this time of year when all the little ones dress up as their favorite character and come to my door for their goody bags.I really have a great time sitting on my front porch watching them go from house to house getting their treats and if i am lucky enough to see their little eyes light up as they put inside their bags.It is almost like christmas to this little ones so come as join the fun because we are having our own party this year so get on your costumes and join us. Lorraine
September 26, 2008


This little one looks very secure in knowing his mommy and daddy are taking care of him and making him very loved.As you can see they have him securely tucked between the two of them so no harm can come to their baby.That is what we do here at phoneamommy we tuck our babies up close to us so that they know that they are loved at secure with us. Minnie
July 15, 2008

lesson time

now my little sissy it is time for a lesson in behaving for granny doris you know what happens to you if you don’t listen to me now don’t you my little sissy. so come and sit down and learn your lesson well.and i will tell again all about this little sissy that didn’t and what happened to me at phoneamommy doris
May 14, 2008


This one needs to come and pose for phoneamommy.comshe would have all kinds of fun playing here don’t you think so too. minnie
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