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March 6, 2016

Crissy’s Emailed Fantasies: Chapter 5

Here’s chapter five of my anonymous emailed fetish fantasy! Be sure to check out the rest on my other blogs! Friday came and after work I did a small dinner, shower, got dressed casual and went to the train station, I should be at the agreed place around nine-ish I calculated, just as we had agreed. Being dark early this time of the year it would be too dark to raise by passing eyes, no matter what I would be dressed into, so I had less worries about what it may be now. once arrived after a 20 minutes’ walk from the bus stop he told me, I found it really being away from traffic or people, throughout my walk I saw just one or two cars passing in the far, else nothing an nobody was around for the taboo fantasy about to play out. I found the resting area he described and already say his car as he described it, a minivan, right color, lights on as he promised. Crissy 888*430*2010
May 17, 2015

Peeking at Mommy

  Oh no! Mommy Candy caught her abdl sissy peeking in her room while she was having fun with her boyfriend! You are in big trouble now mister! What will she do to you?  Mommy will put you in some trashy lingerie and present you to her boyfriend to do with what he pleases.  Mommy will sit by and watch her sissy son suck cock for the first time.  What will mommy let her boyfriend do to you Candy 888*430*2010    
September 21, 2008


There is all kinds of mommies some that work outside the home to help provide for the family.Then some that stay home and take care of the little ones she has,and then you have those that take care of others babies like we do,we help other mommies out by taking care of their babies.We feed,diaper,bathe,coddle,cuddle,dress shop,play and do whatever needs to be done to make sure these babies are well taken care of.We do this because we enjoy being mommies and we love our babies dearly.Come and tell us what kind of mommy you like. SAVANNAH
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