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July 27, 2015

Needed: A Few Bad Boys

  Aunt Brenda has many interests in life. Remember boys….. it’s not all about the babies in our ABDL world. When I’m not dealing with naughty babies, I love spending quality time with teen boys in a strict way. These young, horny kids need to be put in their places and I know just the places. I love to tease a group of boys while I’m dressed in sexy lingerie, seducing them slowly, making them suffer, stutter, sweat. I’m just a big tease…. What can I say? After the teasing, the real fun begins! Nothing like a group of horny teen kids to choose from when it’s time for some rough sex. I love teasing them all while I decide which will get my special attention. Taking control of him, being firm, being the boss. That is a scenario I love. If you want to be the teen boy I choose, it can be arranged. Roleplay phone sex is my specialty. Making you cum in a big way is my reality. Call Aunty Brenda for a special teen roleplay experience right now! 1 888 430*2010
May 1, 2008

Little Tease

Teasing is one of the things I do best. It’s so much fun for me watching you squirm thinking to yourself, “maybe this time, maybe this time, please let it happen this time.” Only to find out, that it is NOT going to happen this time, nor the next. But that’s why you keep coming back isn’t it? Because there is always hope that it will. Jenna
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