March 6, 2016
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Toilet Slave Chapter 5

As promised here’s part five and the second half and the conclusion of J’s toilet fetish saga Be sure to check out the other chapters on my other blogs! I was escorted to a small cell, containing a bunk, a hole in the floor, a faucet and a sink and a roll of toilet paper. Before entering the cell there was an iron collar locked on my neck and a chain connected from the wall was locked to that chain. My shackles stayed on, although my hands were unlocked from my waist chain. The officers left without a word and the door was closed and locked on the outside. There was a little lamp, a bulb, glowing. I sat down on the bunk. There were some muffled sounds, not loud enough to make any sense of it. I was just sitting there, thinking of what a turn my life just had made. Year after year I had been reading stories about slaver, fantasizing about slavery, and now I was on the brink to enter my own enslavement. The collar was heavy on my collar bone. I lifted it up, just feeling how heavy it really was. How did I feel, being locked in and chained like an animal. Ava 888*430*2010  
February 28, 2016

Toilet Slave Chapter 1

Part one of “J’s” fetish phone sex fantasy! Check out the rest on my other blogs! I’m on my back on the floor. First there was a big plug forced in to my ass, just after the regular morning clean out. Then I was put in to a full rubber cat suit, with attached socks, gloves and an open face hood. Around my neck a heavy rubber collar was locked with a padlock. Then I was donned with waders, they were fastened on me by a belt, the belt was locked with a padlock. After that I was put in to a heavy rubber straight jacket closed and strapped firmly, absolutely no room or space to move. To my surprise my face kept untouched. I was forced on my back on the floor and then my had was placed in to some sort of box. My belt was secured to the floor on both sides and my legs were spread and I felt that a bar was connected between my ankles, also secured to the floor. The box was closed tightly around my neck and locked to my collar. A strap was then placed over my shoulders and also secured to the floor. There was no way now that I could move even a 10th of an inch, but this was nothing new for a toilet slave. Ava 888*430*2010