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August 21, 2008

Your diapered life

For those of you who do not wear 24/7 do you ever think about doing it? I mean do you fantasize about a woman just telling you flat out, this is how it is. It’s diapers for all times sweetie. I know I think about doing that to abies, even though I know I can’t I just would love the look on their face when I told them, they were never coming out of diapers ever. Scarlet
July 26, 2008

Mommy’s sweet Babies

No matter how bad a day mommy might have one little “hewwo Mommy” can make my day. All my worries melt at the sound of my sweet babies. It should work on the flip side for you too. If you’ve had a long hard day, you can always crawl to Mommy and let her make it all better. If you are hurting physically or emotionally just let Mommy cuddle you. Mommy Robin
June 14, 2008

Mommy Robin’s Potty Training Stars

I wanted everyone to know what a good big boy Pete was being for Mommy. Pete told me a few weeks ago he was ready for potty training and just needed Mommy to help. Adult potty training is one of my specialties so we went to work. Pete still had accidents form time to time but over the last few weeks he has tried so hard. Tonight Mommy is letting him graduate to pull up’s. Mommy Robin
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