April 25, 2017

Petticoats And Kisses Phone Sex

Oh.. My…My..My What a poofy petticoat you got on and super cute! I bet your Abdl mommy would be so proud about how your dress sticks out like a cute baby doll dress. little sweet pea! Come here lets check that sagging adult diaper of yours So I am going to lay you down and give you a quick little change that way you can be all clean and dry and don’t worry sweety I won’t forget your lots of baby powder! I wanna put so much its leaves little baby powder cloud as you walk and bounce about! now that your all changed lets fix the petticoat and french  braid that cute hair of yours. Now its time to slip on your cute wittle mary janes and go for picture outside. Once we go outside I grab my camera and have your twirl so i can see your pretty skirt spin. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex Tawny 888-430-2010 or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #abdlmommy #petticoatprincess #adultbaby
April 17, 2017

Ava Digs Diaper Phone Sex Boys

Well look at the little diaper phone sex lover. I have a question for you. Do you need a mommy to take care of you? Well you’ve come to the right place!Mommy Ava is  the name and loving domination is my game!  I specialize in age regression and forced feminization so whether you want to be a sissy baby or mommy’s little baby boy, we can always make it happen! I want to be the exact mommy you’ve been looking for.. The mommy of your dreams. Maybe you want to be coddled and nurtured by mommy? Or maybe you want to get a little naughty with mommy and let mommy play inside that diaper of yours? Whatever you decide Whatever the case is this age play phone sex mommy is always up for it! Ava 888 430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a Phone Sex mommy! #diapersex #abdllover #mommysex
February 7, 2017

Crissy Gives Spanking Phone Sex

You’re just another naughty boy and the only way you will learn your lesson is through spanking phone sex. Mommy has been too lenient with you. Too softhearted. You need to be bent over mommy’s knee and spanked until that bottom stings! You’ll think twice before being naughty again when your bottom is sore and covered in welts! Your bottom will hurt so much every time you try to sit down you won’t help but think about how hard your mommy spanked you. So stop wasting mommy’s time because spanking is the only solution that’s worth it! So naughty boy do you want a paddle or would you prefer mommy’s bare hand?Either way you need to learn a lesson and you need to learn it now. So pull those pants down and bend over so mommy can give you a submissive phone sex punishment Crissy 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #spanking #punishment #abdl
January 8, 2017

Pretty Sissy Princess Phone Sex Part 1

Since you have been seeing the hypnotist I think her sissy training has worked! But Lets just try out out together! Now won’t you be a good princess and lets go to the bath room and get out the stuff to give you an enema! I slide out the drawer an pull out the nozzle and penis shape one you love so well! I just know how much you like cock! And I  continue to take out the hose and the bag. I have some mint oils to put in the solution and have hot water fill up the bag! Then I bend you down and pull off your adult diaper and smack your ass 10 times on each cheek and then spread  apart your ass cheeks and take my pinky and go slowly around your tight little puckered ass hole! Take my 4 fingers and shove them in your ass and then flick your tiny nuts! Then I will take the Penis nozzle and shove it into your ass and slowly start letting the enema out. You can feel the warm solution going inside you and the cooling sensation from the peppermint. Call me for some Sissy Training Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or Click Here to chat with a Phone sex mommy #sissyslut #sissytraining #dommymommy Read more of this story click The links below http://www.dommephonesexmommy.com/pretty-sissy-pri…phone-sex-part-2/ http://www.abdlsites.com/blog/pretty-sissy-phone-sex-part-3/ http://phonelittlejaney.tumblr.com/post/155578687119/pretty-sissy-princess-phone-sex-part-4
December 12, 2016

Fun Day With Mommy Part 1

I love the places my Abdl Mommy takes me to! The other day we went and saw A very pretty sight Called the Angel Oak tree it is a very old tree my mommy was telling me! She had me dressed In a pretty long sleeve dress with pretty white tights and my cute bow! We took a lot of pretty pictures together and held hands and just skipped all around! She told me that I was the best Adult baby girl and called me her sweet wittle princess! I love when my mommy gives me such sweet nick names! While at the Angel oak my mommy laid I nice pink and black blanket on the ground and had a nice picnic basket and she walked over to me and felt the front of my diaper I flushed a little with embarrassment on how full my Adult diaper was already in such along short time! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex Mommy! #adultbaby #abdlover #abdlphonesex
December 4, 2016

Happy ABDL Holidays!

Christmas is right around the corner my naughty little abdl incest phone sex lovers! Mommy Ava has been making sure her little adult babies, diaper lovers and sissy adult babies have been being on their best behavior! After our trip to the mall to see Santa, when they got on his lap to ask for their Christmas list he looked over at me and said you better be good little abdl lovers for Mommy Ava so you don’t end up on the naughty list! Let’s just say that ever since that little visit to Santa’s Workshop in the mall did the trick because so far they’re being my little abdl angels! Let’s see if age regression phone sex will keep them off the naughty list this year or else Mommy is going to have to deal with all my naughty adult babies to teach them a lesson! Ava  1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #phoneamommy #abdlchristmas #incestphonesex
November 23, 2016

Come To Mommy!

I wanna spend some quality time with my big boy today! Now why don’t you come an lay on your abdl mommy’s lap while i breast feed you. You can feel the nice warm milk going down your throat. How does it taste my sweet Adult baby boy? Good baby I am glad you like it! Now while your drinking the milk mommy is going to start rubbing the front of your Adult diaper nice an slow. You can hear the crinkling of your diaper as mommy starts rubbing faster, and faster! All of a sudden I feel rumbling in the back of your diaper! Are you making a stinky mess for mommy? hmmm? Well, looks to me as if you did right here on mommy’s lap. I slide my hand and light pinch the fron of your diaper where I was rubbing my hand it is super squishy doesn’t it, as I take your hand an have you pinch there you nod your head at me! See Baby boy I told you! Uh oh what is this sticking up in your diaper? Aww look how are you are getting by sitting in your full diaper I think we can make it fuller, don’t you? Sure we can, I want you to make your special messes for mommy! I lay you down n your changing table and take my hand and start rubbing along your diaper once more and I see you start to wiggle and squirm now now sweet pea quit squirming. Wanna know what mommy’s going to do next? Call me for some Abdl phone sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #adultbaby #milf #abdlmommy