August 9, 2016

Mommy Smells A Stinky Diaper

Uh oh! Where’s the adult baby diaper lover phone sex baby? I know you’re around here somewhere! Mommy needs you to stop being a naughty adult baby boy and stop hiding from me so I can change your diaper! It’s stinky and messy and almost overflowing! Look at how much you had to waddle from how stinky it is! It’s practically falling off that poopy bottom of yours! Now where have you run off to you little naughty diaper lover? Mommy will find you! all I need to do is follow that stinky smell and it’ll lead me right to you won’t it? Well I can tell it’s getting stronger that’s for sure! Now where might you be you little stinky adult baby? You can’t hide from Mommy forever! We have to change that stinky diaper and get you out of it for some diaper change phone sex! Ava 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #diaperpunishment #abdlmommysex #diaperloversex
June 11, 2016

Brattiness Part 1

As we had previously discussed our visit, I sort of knew what my little niece, Adult Baby Girl Alyssa wanted.  I proceeded to set up two chairs and had her sit in one while I sat across from her in the other and went to get the baby food and her bib.  I put the purple Tinkerbelle fairy Adult Baby Bib on her and then sat in the chair across from her. I opened the jar of vegetables and grabbed a nice spoon full as I made choo choo train noises to get it into her little mouth.  It was adorable watching her take the bites and swallow each spoonful.  I fed her a bottle between bites with apple juice.  I told her what a good baby girl she was being while feeding her and thought I heard her say, for now auntie.  Another spoonful of baby food went into her mouth and then all the sudden she spit it out covering my shirt, face and hair.  I was livid as I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled the vanity chair out and sat down in it while pulling her over my lap at the same time.  It was time to teach this little Adult Baby Girl some manners as I grabbed the hair brush off the vanity.  It was a nice heavy well […]
June 10, 2016

Diaper Changes With Mommy

Uh oh! Someone has a stinky butt! Come crawl to mommy so I can lead you to your adorable nursery. Come climb up these little stair to get up on your changing table! As you lay down I am lifting up your skirt, so I can slide down your Plastic Pants. I slide them down to see your engorged Bambino Teddy Bears diaper, I take and undue both tapes on either side of your diaper, I unfold your diaper and take a wipe and slowly wipe you wee-wee. Someone is getting excited when mommy wipes their wee-wee, looks like I’m going to have to so you what to do with your wee-wee when I am done cleaning your butt. After I get done wiping your butt I slide a green cloth diaper underneath your bottom and slide in the liner than pin it up on both sides. Once we are finished with that I take my hand and start slowly sliding it up and down across your diaper, I can feel your erection starting to get more pronounced. If you would like to make cummies for mommy call me for some Adult Baby Phone Sex! Sabrina 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy. #Adultbaby #Abdlmommy #Diaperfetish
June 9, 2016

Diaper Punishment

I think it’s about time we get involved in some diaper lover phone sex. That shitty diaper of yours isn’t going to clean itself now is it? Oh god the smell is fucking horrible you really messed this one up didn’t you? And of course you’re too much of an adult baby to know how to do anything for yourself so once again it’s going to be me changing all your shitty diaper. Look at how pathetic you look standing there in your dirty shitty diaper.If I didn’t have to be forced to inhale that god awful smell I’d make you wear it for the rest of the night. You’re like a little shit machine aren’t you I just might lock you up in your crib and let you shit yourself till your diaper can’t support all of the dirty smelly shit coming out of your ass. Maybe I just need diaper punishment phone sex to keep you in line. Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #diaperlover #adultbabydiaper #diaperpunishment
June 8, 2016

Sissy Fag Ty

Dear Ms Ava: I wanted you to post this for me so that everyone knows what sissy I am who craves being dominated by a strong man who will control and humiliate me, especially in public.  Whenever I walk around in public, I look for men who might do this to me. I know that if I lived near you, I would be constantly asking you if you knew someone who would humiliate me in public, making me hold his hand or walking behind him, and telling everyone that I am his sissy.  Perhaps you could hire me to be your sissy housekeeper.  You or your lovers would dress me in little sissy outfits, such as with ruffles and showing myself out as a shaved sissy.  I would be all dressed in pink.  My duties would include dusting and cleaning the toilets and bathrooms.  While cleaning the bathrooms I would have my head down at all times and be quiet.  If I made a noise, your boyfriend would bring me into the living room and, in front of you and your friends ask me what I did wrong. I would have to tell him in a sissy voice, and then curtsy to him- while you laughed at me.  He would spank me over his lap, and I would cry.  Then he would order me to […]
May 30, 2016

Sissy Prisoner

I cut into my juicy delicious steak as I look at you across the table. I’ve placed you in a high chair with you dressed in your sissy clothes of a pink sparkly dress and babydoll shoes, and a blonde wig with a now in your hair. I’ve handcuffed you to the high chair.  I see you eyeing my meal and you pop out your pacifier and say, “Can I have some Mommy?”. I laugh loudly and mischievously. Of course you can my little sissy baby. I made food for you too. You smile at me beaming. I come back from the kitchen and bring you a bottle full of formula.  You look confused as I sit the bottle in front of you. “Can I have some of your steak Mommy?” you ask me. I laugh once again, shake my head no and continue eating. “Of course not honey”, I reply. Liz 888-938-7382   Click here to chat with phone sex Mommy Liz!