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November 29, 2015

Diaper Changes with Mommy Candy

Mommy Candy really loves giving her little wee ones diaper changes!  If some of you ABDL’s have allowed me to change your diaper yet, then you know just what I am talking about.  I use both cloth and disposable diapers and want what is best for my ABDL.  I have special warm wipes that I use and lots and lots of lotion and baby powder! I only use the best of the best in my nursery for diaper changes.  Most of you know that I am a warm, sweet, nurturing mommy too.  From time to time though, I do have to give spankings because of an ABDL that has misbehaved.  I have recently redone my nursery too!  I have nice, soft, warm, colors such as pinks, yellows, blues, and mint greens.  Don’t forget too that Mommy Candy loves to give her special little ones baths too.  If you are in need of a diaper change and want some bath time fun, give Mommy Candy a call so I can take good care of all of your ABDL needs.  888*430*2010 Mommy Candy
November 21, 2008

During such hard times it is hard to give thanks. But this holiday, instead of thinking of all you don’t have or what you have lost, think about what you do have. So many out there are suffering in different degrees. Be thankful for a roof over your head (even if it’s not the one you want, it is more than some have), be thankful for family, be thankful your here to try for another day. Things get bad sometimes, it happens to everyone. But it is only temporary, things change, one way or the other. But they don’t change without us. Now is a time we all need to stick together, help each other, have some compassion. The ab/dl community is one of the most passionate, giving and understanding I know. And I am thankful to be apart of it. Love to you all, Mommy Josie talk to me
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