July 11, 2017

Crissy Humiliates You

It’s time for some humiliation phone sex with yours truly! You’ve been a very bad boy and didn’t listen to your mistress did you? You know exactly what you did wrong. Touching yourself without my permission is a HUGE no no and you went ahead and did it anyway didn’t you? And if just touching yourself wasn’t already bad enough you had the nerve to make yourself cum! You have a lot of balls mister. And those balls are going to remain full now cause I’m locking a chastity device onto your cock! Let’s see how much you cum now. Oh wait you can’t! Sucks to be you right now don’t it? And the best part is the harder your cock gets the more painful it’ll be for you! Maybe you’ll think next time before trying to disobey a domination phone sex queen like me. Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #humiliationphonesex #chastityphonesex #dominationphonesex
July 10, 2017

Naughty Abdl Mommy Tawny!

Well hi  there my naughty adult baby’s do you want to play a game with your abdl mommy? Ok well mommy has flash cards of different body parts that she wants you to touch when you read the card! Do you wanna play? Let’s do it ok so i hold up the flash card and it says feet so you reach over and touch my feet good boy! Now what about the second? It say’s breast good boy so i grab his hand and place it firmly on my breast and feel his finger start rubbing and I can see him adjusting the way he is sitting in his adult diaper So I decide to change things up some you see instead of just you touching mommy is also going to touch you too! How exciting is that! Such a sweet boy! Now lets hold up the next one! What does it say? It say’s private area! So Reach you hand into my panties and I will reach into your very full diaper! Call me for some Abdl Phone sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE  to chat with a phone sex mommy #abdlphonesex #adultdiapers #abdlmommy
July 4, 2017

Crissy Loves Age Play

Uh oh! Did I just catch my adult baby and age play phone sex lover peeking up mommys skirt again? What did I tell you was going to happen the next time mommy caught you being naughty like that? Well allow me to refresh that short term memory of yours. I believe I said the next time you try to sneak a peek at mommy’s panties, that I was going to put them on you! Oh yes that’s right. You love looking at mommy’s panties so much then the only logical thing to do is punish you by making you wear them. But something tells me you might like wearing mommy’s panties. Is that right? Are you a secret panty boy sissy whos pee pee gets hard when he thinks about slipping on a pair of mommy’s panties? You’re such a naughty sissy boy phone sex lover aren’t you? Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #pantyboy #sissiesinpanties #mommyfetish
July 4, 2017

Ava’ Forced Diapering Story

Mommy has a little surprise for you today. And by surprise I mean a bit of forced diapering phone sex for you when you get home from school today. Do you take mommy as a fool? How many times have I told you to stop wetting the bed?  We’ve done almost everything to try to get you to stop. Mommy even made it to where you don’t get any liquids at least 3 hours till bedtime but you still decide to go and wet yourself! What are you doing? Are you wetting your pants right now? Right in front of me? You have some nerve! That’s it this can’t go on any longer. I knew you’d wet yourself again so I took it upon myself to buy you some diapers. That’s right from now on you are only to wear diapers. No more big boy undies and no more big boy potty. You want to act like a baby and wet the bed then you’re going to be treated as such! Oh now you’re crying? Maybe I should put you in a big onesie too since you’re such a cry baby. Maybe now you’ll take mommy seriously next time I warn you not to do something! But for now age regression phone sex is the only option for you. Ava 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy #forceddiaper #ageregress #diaperpunishment
July 3, 2017

What A Naughty Diaper Boy

You abdl mommy is out of town and told me to watch you very close because you have a tendency to be a very naughty diaper boy don’t you! I know you do So I have a very fun evening planned for us well you see i have invited a few of your ex’s over to hang out and I know some of them haven’t seen you in a long time And I have just given you a laxative so thing are going to get really messy! HeHe I love it when cute wittle diaper lovers mess their diapers and have no control in doing so hehe. Look how red your face got!  You’re super embarrassed right now aren’t you! Awww how cute and can you imagine how stinky you’re going to be in front of all of these pretty girls! Now let’s go get you ready for our company! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click here to chat with the Phone sex mommy! #abdlsitter #diaperlovers #diaperboy
June 26, 2017

Bending Naughty Adult Babies Over My Knee!

  Do you wanna know what abdl mommy Tawny does to very naughty adult babies? Hm? Well I am here to show you instead of telling you! Walk over to me and slide down those pants of yours and I will do the rest! I pull you over my knee rubbing my hand on your diapered bottom and feeling all around and the sound of the crinkling of your diaper from my hands pressing on it as i rub it. I take my hand and slowly pull down your diaper and then I  grab a wipe and wipe your bottom with it until you’re nice and wet and I whack very hard and feel as you wince! I raise my hand once more and Whack Whack Whack! After I am done giving you your spankings i stand you up and kneel you down where you sitting on the floor with your freshly spanked bottom with tears streaming down your face. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 OR click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy! #abdlpunishment #strictabdlmommy #punishmentphonesex