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November 20, 2022

See What Happens When You Misbehave

    See What Happens When You Misbehave: Mommy will punish you if you are bad. Mommy likes to give spankings, and if you are naughty and need to be disciplined, mommy will make sure that little bottom of yours gets a good lashing. The sharp sting of each swat will cause you to gasp and hiss with pain. When mommy spanks, she utilizes anything and everything within reach to blister that bottom. Sometimes mommy’s hand is just not enough. Depending on the severity of the crime will determine what kind of spanking you deserve. No matter what mommy uses, mommy wants to see that bottom darken and mommy wants to feel the welts as they swell and spread. Once mommy is done with you, you won’t be sitting too well, and that bottom will […]
September 25, 2022

When Baby Needs To Play

  When Baby Needs To Play: Sometimes I can’t help myself, and I have to play. I need to pull my diaper open and touch myself. My fingers can’t get to my little pussycat fast enough. I get so excited and need instant relief. And sometimes I can’t wait for mommy or daddy to come play with me. My pussy gets so wet, and the feel of my fingers sliding over my trembling mound makes it even wetter. Soon, my fingers will be spreading my pussy open and sliding in and out. Lots of times, mommy has walked in on me, knuckles deep, squirting uncontrollably. The thought of getting caught adds to my excitement, and all I can do is thrash and moan in ecstasy. I try to be a good girl and wait for […]
July 9, 2022

Mommy Loves All Fetish Play

    Mommy Loves All Fetish Play: Mommy Candy will gladly roleplay in any way you desire. Tell me what you desire, what turns you on. And let mommy join you in some yummy fun. Mommy loves it all and has a very vivid imagination, not to mention a very naughty mind. Mommy will make all your fantasy dreams come true. We can do or talk about anything you want. Mommy is here for all your needs, and mommy will make sure you are taken very good care of. Mommy is very sexual and open-minded, and she will make you feel very comfortable and at ease. All fetishes are welcome here, and nothing is too much or off limits for mommy. So, let your freak flag fly and come out and play with a like-minded […]
July 3, 2022

Brenda’s Diaper Fetish ABDL Dell

Brenda’s Diaper Fetish ABDL Dell: Dell is such a horny little ABDL; if it is not one thing that turns him on, it is also another. His diaper fetish began a few years ago, when he was in college, during an experiment in which he decided to go a day as an abdl.He indulged himself in abdl videos, abdl clothes, and abdl stories, and then he realized that the one-day experiment had just continued for years. He never told his college roommate anything at the time, and he also never told his girlfriend; he has kept this secret all this time until he decided that he needed to tell someone about it, and he told me. He knew that he could trust me to lead and guide him along his journey as an adult baby […]
March 27, 2022

Brenda’s ABDL Wants Milf Sex

Brenda’s ABDL Wants Milf Sex: My abdl Mitchum wants milf sex, and he can only have it with me. There is no right or wrong way to momfuck as long as I do it with pride. When I want him to get on his hands and knees, he knows that he has to do it, and he does. I will then inspect his ass hole to make sure that it is nice and clean, and that is when I will retrieve a tiny butt plug. The butt plug will have to go inside of his mouth for him to suck and get wet, and then that is when I will put inside of his ass hole and fuck him for as long as I please. He will have to moan and groan and say my […]
March 1, 2022

Aunt Brenda ABDL Sammy Gets Penetrated In His Pampy

Aunt Brenda ABDL Sammy Gets Penetrated In His Pampy: My abdul Sammy has always been a creative little freak. No matter how much I push the envelope where he is concerned, he is always ready to jump on the bandwagon and try new things. Whether we are engaging in diaper sex, incest phone sex, bondage, humiliation, or even forced feminization or sissification, he never gives me a hard time when I want to do what I want to him. It is now evening, and I just purchased a brand new toy to put in my strap because penetrating Sammy is something that I want to do with my new toy. I told Sammy to get on all fours, which he did. He is wearing a crinkly pajama that has alphabet prints all over it. He […]
October 9, 2021

Become A Diapered Adult Baby Just Like Me

    Through diaper hypnosis, you can become an adult baby diaper lover just like me, Baby Stacey.  Then we can play in our diapers together and have all sorts of yummy fun.  I just love using my diapers and it’s so exciting when mommy changes my dirty diaper.  Mommy knows exactly what to do. I am an abdl girl that loves to be babied by mommy and daddy.  I am a very good girl but sometimes I like being a bad little naughty girl.  And that means spankings sometimes.  And shhh don’t tell mommy and daddy, but I like spankings.  Makes me get all wet and turned on when I get smacks to my cute little butt. Even if the spankings are on my abdl diaper instead of my bare bottom.  But I definitely […]
October 3, 2021

Dommy Scarlet’s Scat Play Time With Klein

Don’t be afraid to share your scat stories, fetishes and fantasies with me you call the sex hotline. I don’t care what society tells you is wrong about it, your fecal matter is just as natural and as real as any other part of your body. Many are so quick to accept the beauty, smell and feel of golden showers, a bloody menstrual cunt, creamy milk from tits, and cum from cocks and pussies but when it comes to shit, many scream bloody murder and run to the hills. I mean, don’t you think that it is also time that you learned  to challenge yourself and get out of the normal way of doing things and eradicate that protective umbrella that keeps you sheltered all day long? You already know how to have dirty and […]
September 13, 2021

Lathan – Aunt Brenda’s Nephew & Friends Get Fucked With Strap-Ons

Lathan is my young and handsome nephew and I have been molesting him for years. In the beginning, he was hesitant as I am his aunt, but deep down inside I knew that this was something that he always wanted. He confirmed this as he told me that he always wanted me but he was too shy and embarrassed to tell me. Eventually he came around to becoming comfortable and let his hair down and today we freely both engage in sex talk, sex acts – whether deviant or so called “normal”  that is so erotic and hot. It is one of the things that he looks forward to when he visits me, and with me he knows that there are no limitations to what topics we discuss or participate in. As my only nephew, […]