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August 16, 2021

Worship Your Mistress Scarlet And Do It Now

Sissies, Submissive, Babies and Bitches – You have a duty – an obligation and that is to worship me, Mistress Scarlet. Let’s be real about this – you were meant to follow and not to lead.  You have to follow me as you don’t know the way that you ought to go.  You don’t even know who you are, so I am the one that has to teach you on the path that you have to go. But, don’t think that you are going on that path clothed, for you need to appear naked and vulnerable before me.  If I choose to, I will diaper you – but that it all up to me.  Until then, hold it all in until you feel like your bladder is going to burst and then I will see […]
August 16, 2021

Step Mommy Tawny Is Here For Incest Role Play

I am Tawny and I am a step mommy that is here to play with you in the sexiest way.  I will role play with you with incest play and we can do all of the naughtiest things when daddy leaves town.  Let’s just play with each other when he is gone and I know that you will show me that you are a better fuck than him.  The way that you will bend me over the bed on the side that he sleeps on and take me from behind, really turns me on. The way that you will fuck me in each orifice is what I want us to do.  Give it to me in my mouth and I will make sure that I lick it long and watch it get hard. I want […]
August 8, 2021

Mommy’s ABDL Little Ones

    Mommy just loves watching her abdl babies play together.  There’s nothing sweeter than hearing the giggles and squeals coming from the nursery.  Puts a smile on mommy’s face every time. Mommy’s favorite is when play time becomes naughty time.  Hehe mmm the giggles slowly turn into moans of pleasure.  A little adult diaper play goes a long way.  Soon mommy’s little ones are groaning and writhing in ecstasy as they end up exploding in their soft thick diapers. Abies making sticky cummies for mommy, makes Mommy Candy very happy.  A full adult baby diaper is a good diaper.  And mommy can’t control herself around those full squishy diapers.  So heavy and saggy, warm and soggy to the touch, and mommy’s favorite is to squeeze a full diaper and rub it against baby’s excited […]
July 26, 2021

Paris – The Naughty, Hot And Slutty DDLG

Paris is a ddlg who loves to be naughty. Her daddy will tell her to do a specific thing and just to be disobedient she will not listen to him and do the opposite of what he said. She was told from her Daddy that she should not enjoy her punishments and that is when she asked him how he knew that she was enjoying her punishments.  That is when he told her that her pussy was leaking a ton of juices on his leg and she would giggle after he said that.  She was a natural born masochist and an abdl and spankings were what she loved the most.  Getting naked for Daddy and doing kinky things is what she felt she was meant to do. Her Daddy knew that she was such a […]
July 19, 2021

Justin Loves To Age Regress, Though He Was Forced The First Time

Justin loves to age regress because he knows that he functions best when he is a baby. When he relaxes best he will dress up in a diaper and plastic pants and complete it all with a onesie. Abdl age regression is Justin’s version of a spa treatment. Nothing sounds better than the goo-goo and the gaa- gaa sounds that he makes and he finds so much comfort in it. It was not all this easy for Justin as he fought this way of life until he had to succumb to the fact that he just does not qualify as a man because his penis is simply so small and minute. I have always said to him that baby could belong in diapers and that is exactly what he has. He once tried to fight […]
July 10, 2021

Call Mommy For A Good Time

    Phoneamommy and let her take care of all your darkest naughtiest desires.  Mommy Candy just loves making her adult babies feel good.  Mommy will do anything you want… do you need to be treated like the cute little diaper baby you are?  Do you need to have that little peepee milked of all its creamy cummies?  Do you need to be punished for your dirty thoughts?  Mommy can take care of it all for you and more. Mommy just loves her abdl little ones and nothing makes mommy wetter than having fun with them.  Mommy enjoys anything and everything, there’s nothing that mommy won’t try or do.  And of course mommy is open to any and all suggestions from her naughty babies. When you’re all alone and your body needs attention, mommy is […]
July 3, 2021

Mommy’s Naughty Abies

    Mommy can never seem to leave you two alone.  Anytime mommy leaves the room for longer than a minute, you two always seem to get into mischief.  Mommy’s naughty naughty little ones! Diapers are meant to be worn and kept on until mommy decides.  Little peepees are not to be played with unless mommy gives permission.  Just because mommy leaves you unattended for any length of time, does not give you the right to disobey.  A disobedient abdl baby gets punished. Good thing mommy has lots at her disposal to use on those little backsides.  The more naughty you are, the darker that bottom is going to be.  Varying from rosy pink to bright red.  That little butt will be stinging and warm to the touch when mommy gets done with you. The […]
June 7, 2021

Scarlet Is Horny And Wants To Roleplay Fucking Her Own Kids

I was so hot and horny that I decided that I had to log in to phoneamommy to work from my bedroom on my day off.  I was feeling frisky and kinky and I wanted to indulge in something incestuous. Funny how every call I got were from babies who wanted me to be their mommy and have incest phone sex with them as I am that phone sex milf who wants to enjoy fucking my own kids. My first caller wanted to age regress as a teenage boy and he wanted me to walk into the room to catch him masturbating. I made sure to finish the dishes and walk up to his room and open his door without knocking and there he was, my abdl teenage son with his hard cock in his […]
May 3, 2021

Dessert Topped Desiree

Chocolate and whipped cream along with strawberries is what my abdl girl, Desiree had on her body. I decorated her with it and told her that she was going to be my little submissive muse.  I enjoy placing food items on her because she has a delicious body and eating things off of her body is one of my most favorite past times. I enjoy taking my time to explore her tits with my tongue and make miniature circles around each areola.  She tends to be so ticklish there that she usually twitches and squirms every time I savor her delicious body.  I took a strawberry in my mouth and placed it in hers and she bit the tip off and chewed it off. Then I ate the remainder of the strawberry that was in […]