March 14, 2018

Aww Look At That Itty Bitty Peepee!

Look at that tiny peepee for this Sex talk session so we can talk about what we are going to do with that peepee of yours so let’s talk some penis humiliation and some forced adult diaper punishment with a mix of sissy training! Do you have everything you need for this session?  First lets get a ruler out and and measure that tiny dick. And let’s just take a few pictures to show everyone on how tiny it is! Lay down I am going to slide this adult diaper right underneath your bottom I mean look at the size of our dick and it looks even smaller in a diaper! Aww whats a matter baby dick? Are you embarrassed ? With a dick that size i would be embarrassed too and thats why you have a Abdl sitter like me to watch  you while your mommy is away! Call me for some Diaper Humiliation! Jenna 888-430-2010 Or Click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #smallpenis #sextalk #abdlsitter Come Hang out and Join the Abdl forum!
March 11, 2018

Sissy Diaper Boy

Oh, you think your such a masculine man? Well today I am going to show you exactly who is the boss. You’re always walking around trying to tell people what to do. But honestly, we both know the truth! That you’re a little sissy bitch ABDL. Who loves to be humiliated and told what to do. So, get you fucking knees and tell me how beautiful your mommy is. I’m going to strip you naked and place a nice big anal plug deep inside your tight little ass then I’m going to put you in a big diaper. And then just to make sure it good and tight I will wrap tape round and round your waist so you can’t take it off. I going to make sure your anal plug is right at your g-spot too. So, your little tiny clitty can try and get hard in the small confinement of the tight diaper. Don’t you feel like such a man now you little pussy? If you want to hear more  Tawny   888-430-2010  Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy   #abdlphonesex #domination #humiliation #forceddiapering 
March 4, 2018

Public Diapering

It’s time for your public diaper humiliation phone sex trip. You see the average time out doesn’t work when punishing you anymore does it? No it doesn’t so we need another form of punishment that is going to be a hundred percent effective. And mommy has just the idea. We are going to take you to the mall so you can get your diaper changed in front of everyone! And since it’s a saturday i’m sure all your friends will be there too since it’s not a school day. But first mommy is going to get you all ready. Remember that bottle mommy fed you this morning? Well I put in some laxative and diuretics in it so you could reallly mess your diaper when we go out. Let’s go ABDL phone sex lover it’s time for your humiliation! Crissy 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #dominaton #humiliation #publicdiapering
February 27, 2018

Time With My Abdl Daddy!

This past weekend i got to spend all weekend with my Abdl Daddy and he took me shopping for some new very cute Adult diapers and we took  a bunch of cute pictures after he got me dressed! We took some pictures at the park and we went to the zoo! I even got a punishment because I keep taking mine off and he gave me 65 spankings and made me sit in the corner for 20 mins! My daddy is a very dominate and strict daddy  and i always try and be a good girl! But just between you and I. I didn’t put a diaper on tonight and daddy will never know it will be our wittle secret! And I am always looking for other wittle ones to play with while daddy is away! And we can get into little space together! And maybe we can change each other diapers hehe Call me for some Abdl Phone sex! Jenna 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #diapergirl #abdl #adultbaby
February 25, 2018

ABDL Secret!

What’s up ABDL phone sex lover in hiding. I know exactly what your secret is. You think I don’t know? Well I found out about your little ABDL secret when you were at work the other day. Me and another co worker saw the little diaper you had on under your uniform when you were stacking products on the shelf! You think you’re slick but I caught you and now I’m going to do what needs to be done and that’s make you my little abdl baby boy! Next time I see you i’m going to take you down the baby isle and grab a bunch of diapers and baby wipes and change you right in the middle of the aisle! Don’t worry i’ll have baby powder too for your bottom so you don’t get a diaper rash my diaper lover phone sex boy! Ava 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #fadultdiaper #diaperboy #abdl
February 25, 2018

Keep Your Diaper On

Hi there ABDL lover. Are you doing what I think you’re doing? You are aren’t you! How many times have I told you to stop that? Stop what? Don’t play dumb with me young man. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about you taking your diaper off when mommy isn’t looking. You know all too well that you are not even near being done with your potty training so what makes you think you can just take off your diaper when I’m not looking? What happens if you go potty when your diaper is off? You and I both know you can’t hold it! You’re lying to yourself if you think you can and mommy is not about to take that risk. So get over here and let your abdl mommy put your diaper back on. Crissy 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #diaper #pottytrain #abdl