May 1, 2009

Its Potty Time

Yes its that time Potty Training time are you ready look what i have just for you my little diapered bottom baby.I know its a hard choice to make but you know at the age you are its way past time just say i know can i know can lol and you might just do it so come along lets get started on that training. Minnie
February 5, 2009


It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I love these cute little heart suckers. I could just lick them and eat them up all day long! Perhaps if you are good abies I will give you one. If not then I’ll just stand in front of you eating mine and force you to watch while I laugh at you for being a stupid baby and not give you even so much as one little tiny nibble! You can just stay there then in your dirty diaper til I’m finished with mine. Oh I can just hear you crying now you big sissy! CousinJenna 1-888-430-2010 I’m adorable, look! Come chat, it’s fun!