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April 10, 2017

Sissy Baby Phone Sex!

Well don’t we just look at you dressed up in your pretty dress and poofy petticoat and double Adult diapers! Are you ready for our special shopping trip? I wanna take you to the mall and let everyone see how much of a sissy you are! And when all of the pretty girl watch as you try on different dresses and giggle and laugh at you after you come out of the dressing room each time!  One of the girl takes her phone out and starts to take pictures of you because of how silly you look and how humiliated you must be by being forced to dress like that! Little does she know that you wanna dress like this to please mommy don’t you? Oh I know you do , To see how hard […]
March 27, 2017

Boyfriend Caught In Adult Diapers Phone Sex

Oh my what is that you’re trying to hide underneath your pants? I mean your pants do look like they’re a little tighter now than what they was before you left for work today! Seriously  your butt looks fluffier! Come here let me see! Why are you acting all nervous! I told you that I would be gone long and that I should be home by the time you got here! What’s that pink sticking out in the back? I wait until you’re not paying attention and give your pants a nice big yank! And they fall to the floor! Omg Is that an Adult Diaper? HAHA omg diapers are only for babies and those are pink! And is that a unbutton Adult Onesie underneath your shirt? Haha Omg I am telling everyone about this! […]
March 13, 2017

Adult Baby Wetting Accident

Look at you why are you wearing that skirt? “Well, mommy I had an accident at school and everyone laughed at me and the cheerleaders put me in this skirt and said I had to walk home like this.” Haha you see what I mean honey If you continue to have accidents then people will find out and this is what happens! So you know what I like their thinking I think that you deserve to have to dress this way and do you remember the last time you had an accident what I told you was going to happen. That right I am going to force you into an Adult diaper and some locking plastic panties and that is how you will go to school! And I will have someone change you at the […]
February 13, 2017

Special Time With Your Abdl Mommy

Lets take a walk to your Abdl nursery! I wanna give you a nice surprise for being such a well behaved  adult baby boy! We walk into your abdl nursery and I sit you up on your changing table and take and slide down your pants and plastic pants and then Undo your urine soaked adult diapers and fold it down. Then take a nice warm wipe and gently wipe your wee-wee and bend over and start licking and kissing on your wee-wee and taking my other hand and gently stroking it! You like it when mommy gets naughty with you don’t you? I love making you squirm and feel good until you make a special cummies for mommy in your wittle adult diaper! I might even let you make your special cummies on my […]
January 11, 2017

Disciplined By My Abdl Daddy

  Look who is here! I come running down the stair and see my Abdl daddy Walking through the door! Daddy I missed you I colored you a pretty picture. He looks down at me and says look at your room you have toys every where after I cleaned up in here you have 30 mins to clean this room like it was when I left. Looks down Yes daddy I will, I pout and stomp my legs all the way to my Abdl nursery, all of a sudden I hear daddy pulling off his belt and marching behind me saying get over here young lady! You going to give me an attitude I will spank it out of you! he grabs me by the arm and pulls me super fast over his knee and […]
December 28, 2016

Diapered And Regressed Phone Sex!

You know When you come home from a very long day at work and you want to do naughty No Taboo things with your boy friend? Me too well let me tell you what happened when I came home today!  I walked to the bed room to find him in diapers he quickly covered over and said “Hi, honey I didn’t think you got off until 6pm” I told him That i got off work early and went by the Adult store for some fun surprises! What are you hiding under the blanket? I quickly pulled the blanket off of him to find him in an Adult Diaper! I said” Are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?” He said ” Yes , I am” then he looked down ashamed! Hahahaha oh my gosh you’re […]
December 28, 2016

Public Humiliation Phone Sex!

You have been naughty all day little miss, Now we are going to go and grab lunch, well I am I have your lunch right here in the diaper bag, It is sweet peas and carrots mmm I know how much you like them! Now I take you hand and have you stop and I take a firm grip of your soaked Adult diaper! and then pull you pants back to look in and see that you have went poopy, Your a stinky Adult baby you know that? Now lets go and get you changed before I feed you. I lay out you hello kitty changing pad and then help you lay down and I life your skirt up and pull down your plastic rhumba panties and  un tape your pink princess diapers and then […]
June 4, 2016

Trouble Part 7

I felt my Adult Baby Girl tremble and watched her little bottom hole quiver as I barely touched the phallus shaped nozzle against her.  I told her to take a deep breath and began slowly inserting the penis Enema nozzle inside her and then pulling out and pushing deeper inside her only to pull back as if teasing her.  I heard her panting and if I didn’t know any better I would say she was enjoying this a little too much.  With more force I pushed deeper into her and heard her gasp as the head was buried inside her Adult Baby Bottom.  Once I had it secure I unloosened the clamp and felt the warm soapy water flow through the tube as she squealed saying how much it hurt and her insides were feeling all […]
May 28, 2016

What Did You Do Little Missy!

Well, my Adult Baby Girl Alyssa and I are going to have a Come to Jesus talk very soon.  Mommy got her credit card statement in the mail today and it seems a certain someone has been going on Ebay and buying all sorts of outfits since she can never have enough and has been using my credit card to pay for them.  She knows she is not supposed to touch Mommy’s credit card since Mommy has to pay bills.  I had been wondering where all these packages from days on end were coming from that she would quickly grab and disappear with.  So she won’t be able to play with all you other Adult Babies for a bit since on top of getting a nice hard spanking over Mommy’s lap, she will be grounded […]